Why Regularly Cleaning Your Floors Matters...

Restaurants are one of the most important places that need to maintain clean floors. Of course, all restaurants mop their floors, but mopping does not really clean the floor. Here's why. Once the mop has hit the floor and has been rinsed in the bucket, the mop water is now contaminated. The more the mop is dipped and rinsed, the dirtier the water gets.

In addition, dirty mop water seeps into the grout due to its porous nature. Grout cannot be mopped which is why it usually looks dark and dirty. Also, mopping sloshes dirty water against the baseboards leaving unsightly stains.

We have all seen dirty restaurant floors. In a NRN study, more than 90% of restaurant patrons said they noticed dirty floors. More than 75% said they would tell their friends and family about it. What's worse is that more than 70% said they would never go back to a restaurant with dirty floors. Why? Because people assume that if the floors are dirty so must the entire restaurant be.

That's bad news for restaurants because it represents a major loss of business, not to mention reputation. Don't lose business for something as simple as regularly cleaned floors. Our thorough and expert service can keep your floors clean and sanitized. We offer cleaning services for tile and grout, natural stone, concrete, brick pavers, wood decks, carpet, and upholstery.

We clean what the mop cannot. We strive to be fast, affordable, thorough, and provide a better clean than others. We don't more dirt around, we remove it. Even if you already have someone else maintaining your floors, call for a free no obligation demo or estimate.